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Upgrade Or Delay

These days, upgrades are always more frequent than we can afford them to be. With added features, faster processors, and better apps, the new technology is becoming more and more difficult to pass up. The names of the devices are even becoming more exciting...the Skyrocket, Wildfire, Amaze, Galaxy S II, the Transfix...and, those are just the cell phones. With the holiday seasons coming up, can we, should we, resist the urge to "upgrade?"

There are many upgrades that are just new toys. There are others that are needed. Recently, our original MacBook Air had to go in for repair. Since the item needing repair was on a recall list, there is no cost, except for the wait to ship it out and back again. However, it brought up a discussion my wife and I have been having for a couple of months now...when will we upgrade that machine? It has started to show its age and first-of-its-kind technology. Video plays choppy; websites load slower; and, the self-upgrade path is non-existent...2GB of memory is not what it used to be.

As we wait for the machine to return, we've contemplated purchasing a new computer. However, the computer we own still runs and works for answering emails and basic web browsing. It works for keeping track of our finances. It works for the person who uses it. The lesser graphics and slower processor makes editing video a headache. The lack of RAM and smaller hard drive bring in doubt about how much more can actually be done with the Air. The newer machines are built to last longer and be more functional. However, the price tag is a bit higher than we would like to part with so close to the holidays.

We've talked about it and even narrowed down the specs of the new machine. Then, we started to talk about the other important events coming up and the travel, gifts, or experiences we could enjoy. Coincidentally, those other, more temporary, yet more sentimental items would be around the same amount as a new computer. So, as we think about the upgrade path further, we remained paused on the purchase. An apology is therefore extended to Apple and the tech industry as we wait for another update to the product lines. We will be giving up one indulgence for another and standing by the quality of the product we purchased 4 years least for today that is...

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