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2016 MacBook Pro – Well balanced Keyboard and Touch Bar

2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard and Touch Bar

One of the newest and very much critiqued aspect of the new MacBook Pro is the keyboard. It is the second-generation of the butterfly keyboard Apple introduced with the MacBook in 2015. While I have been using an external keyboard for quite some time, I’ve been impressed with the keyboard on the 2016 MacBook Pro.

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2016 MacBook Pro – Pricing considerations

As mentioned in other articles, I was a bit taken by surprise at the price increase of the 2016 MacBook Pro. With so many other changes on this new device, why would Apple increase the price by $200 for the 13-inch model and $400 for the 15-inch model? Could it be that the Touch Bar and Touch ID really cost that much for each of these models? The reality is, I am not sure why Apple decided to increase costs. However, I decided to take a look at the details of what you would get for that price.

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2016 MacBook Pro –Deciding on an Upgrade

Have you seen Apple’s new MacBook Pro? Did you order one when it was announced? Are you waiting for the reviews to come out to make sure it is the machine for you? Is this too many questions to start a review of the most recent MacBook Pro? If you have read this far, the answers to most of the questions is…”probably…”

I have to admit that I was one of those who had some misgivings about the newest addition to the Apple portable line-up. I watched the entire launch event and started to feel that maybe I missed something. Maybe, they announced something that I missed when I stepped out of the room. After reviewing the news and looking at the other tech blogs, it was apparent that I was not alone in the hopes of something different. Something different from what was announced was a hope of many people as the criticisms were plentiful.

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iPhone 6 lines and sales wrap around the block


Pre-ordering ended as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale. Apple, AT&T, Verizon, and other retailers had lines that wrapped around the stores, down the mall hallways, and down the block. Even with yearly releases, it has been some time since lines this long were remembered.

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iPhone 6 pre-sales excel and trade-in options favorable


Photo Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

The Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ went on sale last week. According to numerous sources, including Apple, the big mobile carries such as AT&T and Verizon, as well as various news sources, the sales of these two devices set new records for pre-orders. All models now have a wait of a week or more for the iPhone 6 and possibly a month or more for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Zaggkeys Flex Keyboard works with iOS and Android


Bluetoooth keyboards are plentiful these days. Tablet keyboards are either too limited or too cramped. If you are looking for a solution that you can use on an iPad, iPad mini, Android tablet, or even an smartphone, you may wish to consider the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard by ZAGG.

Pairing the ZAGGkeys Flex with an iPad was easy. The iPad did require a code to be entered on the keyboard itself. However, it was as simple as turning on the device and pressing the button on the back for your operating system.

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Amazon updates video streaming app for iOS


Amazon issued an update to their iOS app that allows users with a number of updates. The biggest news is the ability to Airplay content from the app to an Apple TV. Previously, users could only send the audio to the Apple TV. With this update, users can wirelessly stream audio and video from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

The Amazon Instant Video app allows customers to watch videos purchased from Amazon on their iOS device. While all videos must be purchased through a web browser and not through the app, Amazon does allow free streaming of over 40,000 videos to their Amazon Prime customers without purchase or additional cost.

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iOS App Store offering last compatible versions for download


As Apple prepares for the next update to iOS, users are noticing that older devices are being offered an alternative when trying to download apps that are not compatible with those devices. This is the first time Apple has allowed previous versions of apps to be downloaded. If an app was updated, users had to maintain copies of older apps if they ever needed to reinstall them and an updated app was added to the Apple App Store.

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Apple celebrates 50 billion App Store downloads


Apple website screenshot

Apple shared through its homepage and on a separate App Store countdown page today, May 15, that is has reached 50 billion app downloads. Details of the person who downloaded the milestone app have not been shared yet. However, Apple indicates the prize winner will be announced soon.

The winner will receive a $10,000 App Store gift card to spend on many more apps. Given the affordability of most apps, the $10,000 will go a long way to reaching the next app download milestone.

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Apple pop-up museum to appear in Atlanta


While the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast (VCFSE) is still a couple of months away, an announcement has been made for one of their larger exhibits, an Apple pop-up museum. The event will take place April 20 and 21 in Atlanta, Georgia and promises some nostalgic reflections on your favorite Apple products.

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